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What is a Selfie Stick

A selfie stick is one of those handy accessories that make smartphone photography a much more interesting prospect. By making use of this affordable and handy accessory, you can easily enhance the quality of the snaps you take using your smartphone’s front camera. Unlike most other smartphone accessories, a selfie stick is one of those accessories needed by people who love taking cute photos on their mobile gadget.

Where Can you Get a Good Selfie Stick

There are a lot of online and local stores where you can just as easily get your selfie stick. Most local stores are just stocking this accessory as its popularity in the market increases. The advent of smartphones and the progression of internet technology led to a widespread burst in the number of new accessories released to the market on a monthly basis. Companies are springing up in China, Korea and a host of other nations that are focused on just producing accessories that make smartphones easier to use. Local stores aside, most of these cool accessories are available online rather than offline. To mention just a few, here are a couple of great online hotspots where you can get your smartphone selfie pole:

  • com – Amazon is indisputably the world’s number 1 online retail marketplace. Amazon hosts millions of sellers who make a wide range of products from all conceivable categories available. By looking well, you can be able to land the right accessory from You’ll particularly want to make use of the product reviews as they can help you distinguish between the good products and the bad ones based on what consumers who’ve already tried them are saying.
  • com – eBay is the world’s leading auction marketplace. Despite the fact that eBay is an auction marketplace, it’s also an online retail hub where you can buy a wide range of brand new accessories at record prices. Regarding the suitability of each marketplace, there aren’t many differences between eBay and Amazon. Whether you buy from either is a matter of preference.
  • Elsewhere – eBay and Amazon are two of the most notable online marketplaces in the world. But this doesn’t mean they are the only ones. There are scores of other retail websites where you can just as easily get the consumer accessories you’re looking for. When purchasing from these other websites, make sure to go for selfie sticks from reputable brands and also be keen to read reviews from other customers before you actually commit to buy!

How Much Does a Selfie Stick Cost?

How much you pay to get a selfie stick depends on where you’re buying. On average though, this accessory doesn’t get more than $25 from your pocket. You might also be able to take advantage of regular deals if you buy from Amazon. If you can also get a coupon or discount code, be sure to use it to save some extra money.

What is the Best Selfie Stick Brand?

There are many selfie stand brands, and what you choose as ‘best’ will depend on what specifically you’re looking for. For starters though, the ZekPro brand comes across the board as a leading selfie stick brand in the market.

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Tools You Need for the Perfect Selfie

So you’re are endeavoring to do your best selfie anytime soon? There are several tools that you’re going to need to have to take the ultimate selfie. In this post, we look at these tools:

  • A Selfie Camera or Phone – the right gadgetry is very important if you’re so much into selfies. You need a device that has resolution cameras. Look for some of the most popular photography devices which have the best filters, shutters, resolution and that are easy to use.
  • A Selfie Monopod – a selfie stick, also popularly known as a selfie pole or monopod, is a cool accessory that helps you take awesome selfies. This handy accessory born out of the increasingly popular selfies trends. The selfie pole connects to smartphones or other devices via Bluetooth and provides flexible angles and added convenience when you’re looking to snap your selfies. Selfie sticks are compact, and they can be folded for easy carrying after they’ve been used. Simply put, if you’re looking to capture kick-ass selfies, this accessory is a must-have.
  • A lot of Creativity – creativity is not a physical tool, but a mental one. You’re going to need a lot of creativity to take fantastic selfies. Look for better angles that help you capture a better snap, and do everything you can not to make just variations of the same picture. Think deep and come up with scenarios that will be just awesome!
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How to Take the Perfect Selfie? Part Two…

This article is a continuation of our recent post above, which highlighted a couple of tips that you can make use of to capture the perfect selfie. Here are some more points:

  • Mind the Lighting – in any form of photography, lighting is one of the most important concepts that you have to grasp. Take a selfie in ideal lighting conditions. For a selfie to be great, you’ll need the right lighting. Natural light is the best light you can ever use in your photography, it has the effect of amplifying the features of any photo. Avoid any dark settings while capturing your selfie. If indoors at night, make sure that there’s adequate lighting and that this lighting doesn’t interfere with the quality of the photo.
  • Position the Selfie Camera Well – how you position your selfie camera also matters a lot when it comes to capturing the perfect shot. You need to somehow understand how angles work in determining how a snap looks like. Once you have an idea which angle will be best, align your camera appropriately. Remember that holding the camera a little higher works better for everyone. A Bluetooth selfie stick helps you exercise more flexibility when you’re looking for a good angle. It also brings a lot of convenience to your everyday selfie capture.
  • Avoid the Duck-Face Selfie – the duck-face concept is still used by a lot of youngsters and other people taking selfies, but apparently, it’s not that popular on the social web. Unless you’re looking to be ridiculed and criticized, you might want to shun this selfie cultural trait. Still, and occasionally, this selfie method might work if you invest the right power of a smile!
  • Review your Selfie – if you’re looking to post your selfie to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whichever other social media platform that you use, make sure to review it before you post. The selfies you post to your social profiles are going to stay there for a very long time, so you might want to make sure that you post something you’re comfortable with. To wrap it up, choose well before you post.
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How to Take the Perfect Selfie? Part One…

Here’s a list of steps that’ll help you take the perfect selfie!

Take note of your appearance while taking the snap. The most important element when taking a selfie with your smartphone camera is yourself. If you’re using a $2000 camera, but still hasn’t minded your appearance, you probably won’t make anything awesome out of it. To start with, think about celebrities. These people take the time to make sure that every aspect of their looks, makeup and dressing looks awesome. This done, they use the right equipment to capture an outstanding selfie. So the first thing is yourself, make preparations so you look as good as possible.

  • Location – needless to say, location is also very important when you’re looking to take the ideal selfie. A bad location will possibly lead to bad selfies. Selfies are meant to be fun, cool, relaxed and interesting. Look for a location that’s either interesting or one that’s enjoyable and relaxing. Remember that the location sets the mood for the picture. So don’t go for a gloomy, too-serious-looking setting!
  • Don’t go for the Mirrors – a lot of people these days seem tempted to take mirror selfies. This is where you use a mirror and then capture your reflection. Perhaps the only thing wrong with this is that you will have a phone distastefully blocking your face and a flash making everything look like a physics class. This ultimately doesn’t make for a good photo. Front-facing smartphone cameras and selfie sticks as well make it possible for the selfie taking to be effected without the untimely distraction that’s a mirror.
  • Mind the Background – what’s in the background? Is it that nice painting in your living room, or that mortuary sign at the side of the road? It’s common to see people taking selfies with the most weird of backgrounds. What’s in the background also counts as far as making sure your selfie is good goes. Nobody wants to get acquainted with your messy bedroom, so go for nice settings or beautiful scenery where possible. You might even go for a simple wall or clean-room background that doesn’t distract. People will see through for the quality of the photo.
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